Christmas 2017 Whitehouse, TX

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

One of our first jaunts into town was just before Christmas 2016. I was so excited to see a banner advertising the town's Christmas Parade flying over (what I thought was) Main Street (but isn't)!

My family likes to make fun of me for expressing my delight that we now "live in a town with a banner!" I've driven through many a small town during their local festivals, parades, and cook-offs, with their banners proudly flying. In fact, I grew up in a town that occasionally had a banner slung from light pole to light pole. When I saw those banners I always thought, "how cute?!" It's different now though. It's more than cute, y'all. It's almost downright magical! I'm raising my own family in A TOWN THAT HAS A BANNER!

Sadly, that first Christmas down on the farm was not made more festive by the above mentioned parade. We were in for a nasty freeze.

Not the kind like in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer; still, the kind that will shut down any Texas town.

Fast forward a year and once again, the banner was raised. Yes! We're going to the parade people! So, on December 2nd, 2017, the Whitehouse Family piled into Sparkle (our mom-mobile), and found the best dang parking spot, got the best dang view, and had the best dang time at the Whitehouse Rockin' Christmas Parade. That's what is was called, folks. And they don't even know I'm all about the rockin'! Later in the day was a concert in the park, which we couldn't attend but here are a few great shots of the awesome and wholesome fun that was had that day in the small town... with a banner... called Whitehouse, TX.

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