Faith, Love and Freedom Farm

Deciding to make a leap of Faith is a hard thing to do. And, what a leap it was, moving from a city of 3 million souls to outside a town of not even 10,000. With excitement and a little apprehension, we accepted our self-proclaimed, Whitehouse Family mantra, “I’m not scared,” and took that leap. Thanks to God and over a year of research and planning, we landed in the most comfy of places, Whitehouse, TX. Yep, like our name, we now also call Whitehouse our Home Town.

Welcome to Whitehouse

Just outside the quaint little town, then down the road a way, you’ll find our tranquil little farm. Nestled among a village of picturesque farms of many sizes, and among the majesty of the old pines, Freedom Farm is a gem among gems.

We moved to such a place to learn to live more independently; to have more “freedom” and resources to control what we eat, what we use, and how we exist by growing food and self-manufacturing as many daily products as we could.

Can Everything You Can, Can

We are blessed beyond measure to call this place home. And to express our gratitude for our blessings we decided sharing the fruits of our Farm with our neighbors and friends was the least we could do. As we made and shared our goodies, folks began to encourage us to do more with our bounty. The idea to put our goods on the market was yet, another leap of Faith. This one was much easier given the support, inspiration, Faith and Love poured into our endeavors by the fine folks around us.

Gotta Start Somewhere... Why Not the Dining Table?

It’s important to us that our products represent the self-sufficient ways of our ancestors. It’s important to appreciate the simplicity of old ways. To reach many, with the least environmental impact and the most beneficial impact on individuals is our goal. We want to teach everyone, from all walks, to take control of the integrity of the daily products introduced to their environment and to their bodies. To learn the lasting effects of chemicals deemed safe for human use, but that are gradually destroying our population’s well-being is essential. We have watched far too many friends fight the ravages of cancer, auto-immune disorders, endocrine complications and more, and we believe these things are, in part, fed by our daily routines. While we can’t rid the world of all harmful substances, FFPC will do our small part to spread the word and offer the best. And since we aren’t able to create every product here at the Farm, we have reached out to other American manufacturers, most of them within 100 miles, who operate their businesses with the same integrity and principles FFPC employs, and who have the capacity to create our products the way we do, in small batches, using non-toxic, natural or organic ingredients, researched and approved by yours truly.

Beginning of First Spring in the Kitchen Garden

So here we are as Freedom Farm Provision Company. Resourced responsibly and created with all the love and appreciation flowing from our hearts, you can feel good about bringing FFPC products into your home. We want to help you and your family be healthy and happy. We hope you will enjoy the products, created from Nature’s Grace, and join us as we begin to offer more products on our mission to promote responsible, autonomous living for everyone.

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Magic Morning on Freedom Farm

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