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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Humans are lucky. We have all the creature comforts. In Texas, the most important, hands down, no competition, comfort we creatures can’t live without is… A/C. Summer in Texas with no air conditioning can literally, be deadly. Not only for us creatures but for our furry creatures, as well. Sometimes, it’s not appropriate to have the fur babies in an area offering A/C, so how can we help them stay cool without installing A/C in the dog house?

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Cool Kids!

This is what I do at home when the dogs are just “too gross” to come inside, as I like to tell them in my “talking-to-the-dogs voice.” Not only does this keep them cool, but it re-purposes items I would be hoarding until I made it to the Troup Recycle Center. Yep, an East Texas town of under 5,000 has its own recycling program! Even with no single use plastic items in use around the house, my recycle bins still stay full so any plastic item I can put to use rather than let it occupy valuable real estate in those bins, I use ‘til it’s no longer recognizable! So, forgive the appearance of my DIY Doggie A/C… I’ve been using them for a while now and they still do the trick!

These are just one gallon, white vinegar jugs and caps. I like to use vinegar bottles because, 1. I use a ton of vinegar so I have a LOT of them. 2. The cap is attached so it stays closed and you won’t lose it. I fill them with water to about 3 inches under the neck, or midway up the handle. You don’t want to fill them to the top, as you will be freezing the water and a busted jug would completely defeat the purpose and create a lovely mess as the ice melts. I keep 4 jugs in the bottom of my freezer at all times. I just switch them out every morning so there is always a supply of frozen bottles ready.

I place my jugs in their “pond”, which is a badly installed little thing in our back yard that has become invaluable to the dogs, so it stays. You can use smaller bottles and jars, such as ketchup or mayo containers, to place in water bowls, but these big jugs work great in troughs and other big watering vessels. I also place the jugs in their “den.” Some doggies have dog houses, mine have the cool, muddy luxury of underneath my garden table. They love it there and it works for all of us since it keeps weeds (and snakes) out from under where I work. The breeze blows through the open space and over the frozen water jugs and they think they’ve reached doggie Nirvana! We used to do this with the rabbits at the old Farm and it got them through several summers comfortably and safely! Chickens even enjoy this wonderful extravagance, so this isn’t only for outdoor dogs but any animal outside suffering life on the Texas/Hades border.

Hopefully, this will work for you and your fur (or feather) babies! Please send me pics of your pampered pets and their personal air-cooling system… I’d love to see them!

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