Lou Dog, the Conqueror

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Sometimes I think we are the talk of the doggie town. So many dogs have made their way to us... or I've picked them up on their way, like hitch hikers in the 1970s. It's like we're the newest trend in all-inclusive doggie resorts; we just don't get paid to lodge them. They come, they see... they eat, they sleep... they conquer, which is definitely the case with the last two, or at least with Lou Dog. I've healed a few, located owners and found forever homes for several, but for two extra special strays, Freedom Farm became home. Althea is the sweet mama. She does no wrong. Her days are spent chasing her bad little son because his favorite thing to do is wrong! And now I introduce you to the bad little son himself, Lou Dog. This dog has managed to not only conquer the heart of everyone around here, but he has conquered my every effort to keep him in the fence (until now). That said, I have a tip on how to keep your dog from getting out of your hurricane fence. Lou is special, like I said, so it took a lot of exhausting experimentation but I finally found a great tool: the 12" steel tent stake! It has a nifty little hook on the backside that slides down over the fence wire to hold it down once the stake is driven into the ground. Now, Lou is a magician and I'm not sure how he manages to squeeze through the tiny gaps he does, but if you space these every 8" or so, most dogs (just not Lou) will be prevented from pushing the bottom of the fencing outward and crawling under it. I moved mine closer, about 5-6" apart, so I had to use over 200 stakes for about 170'. A pack of 50 is around $33. For me it was still a reasonable expense given the magnitude of the problem (as long as it continues to work)! So far Lou has remained in bounds... Mind you, he has over an acre of fenced yard. The only area of prior escape is the section of hurricane fence, which is the minority; thank the Lord! If he finds a way out of the welded fence around the rest of the yard I guess I'll be at square one but for now, Lou Dog, the Conqueror has become Lou Dog, the Defeated!

The blue circle in the top left corner is the 4' Blue Heron that fishes the farm daily. Lou AND Lightning want nothing more than to slip under that fence and chase that bird away... Tent stake victory!

This is a stake I pulled up to show you. The mallet I use has a hook on the end for easy removal of the stakes.

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