Weeds in the Kitchen

I’m writing this in the height of this pandemic never before experienced by anyone on the planet. It’s surreal, to say the least. While everyone is focusing on different aspects of this crazy time, it’s hard to wrap the mind around any one thing. It is all so convoluted and it seems only major steps are to be taken everywhere by everyone. I’m not here to blog about anything major though. I want to tell you about something that seems pretty insignificant in the grand scheme... One simple gesture, one meaningless action taken. One thing I did to give myself a little lift, and I’ll be darned if my mood hasn’t lifted entirely! What did I do? I brought weeds into the kitchen!

Wil’s work falls into the “essential” category so he’s been braving the world of “exposure” for long hours each day while the kids and I muddle through this isolation-together thing. Wil is the family jester and keeps us entertained so when he isn’t around the three of us aren’t as easily regaled. In fact, in the current state of circumstance, we’re all downright melancholy. Even though I’ve had more than enough time to get things done, my mood hasn’t been cooperative. I keep seeing posts saying, "my house is the cleanest it’s ever been" but my house isn’t even close to that. I’m not creating works of art like I see so many folks are doing. I’m not posting live videos of my songs and I haven’t vlogged in weeks. It was all I could do to get product out the door earlier this month. Day to day duties on the Farm are getting done and I work intermittently on the business everyday, but I can’t seem to get any momentum on the basic home and yard maintenance piece of life. For over three weeks now, the boy and I keep saying we’re going to hit the yard given it's abandoned home in the woods look. I mean, the pigs can literally hide in the tall weeds. I know that because in my gloom, I thought I’d let the pigs and goats do most of the work but they haven’t made a dent in a week and have mostly eaten up all the rose bushes and flowering shrubs.

Now as rain and warmth have been abundant, the only flowers in my yard are on those tall weeds. Looking out the window at the bright, lemon yellow flowers dancing in the breeze, I had an epiphany! I haven’t had fresh flowers in the kitchen in awhile and it’s not like I can justifiably run out and grab a bouquet at the grocery store, so I grabbed my trusty scissors and went outside. I cut a bunch of those weeds straight to the ground. I pulled leaves off stems, I arranged, I bundled and tied, and then I put them in a vase full of water. Wow… That was… not a lot of work. Just. So. Simple… And just so pretty.

What came next is nothing short of amazing to me. I am energized in a very weird way. I have a burst of energy that has now lasted several days. I've organized three cabinets, the butler pantry, and my closet, took a short family road trip and yes, slayed the yard (have to admit I had some help with the yard)!

Not to mention I recovered a rogue donkey and walked the back fence line for breaks to determine his escape route.

Maybe this is a form of quarantine mania but I’ll take it. Either way, those little flowers shifted my vibrations. I intend to ride the wave! Maybe the ripple effect of that silly idea can touch many more souls. Maybe one simple action will help you too if you find yourself a bit down in the dumps these days. Maybe bringing weeds in the kitchen is a significant thing after all.

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