Wild Passion Fruit Growing on the Farm

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

This is Passiflora Incarnata (AKA Maypop, among many other titles). Unlike its South American "cousin" Passiflora Edulis, this fruit isn't quite as sweet so I likely won't do much with it in the edible goodies department. But, I can't wait to produce some wonderful products with it! I'll wait until the fruits fall from the vine. Then, when they resemble giant raisins, I'll "pop" them open, dig out the seeds and get to work. Extracting the oil will be a new process for me so we'll see if I'm successful! I sure hope I am as the high content of linoleic fatty acid (approximately 70% Omega-6), is an incredible skin softener and protective agent! It can also lessen the loss of water through Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), keeping skin hydrated, as well as moisturized. It works as a great scalp treatment, encouraging growth and overall health of hair and is effective at calming dry, itchy skin and scalp so I'm all in on this one! That ever impressive linoleic acid has shown to have healing and antibacterial properties so how can I go wrong here? I'll update this blog as I go; hopefully, I'll get video of the extraction process. It should be interesting, if not entertaining!

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